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S Austin

J Guinness

S Ewart


Jane Lumb came into my life exactly one year ago.

For many years I had been having electrolysis treatment foe the removal of facial hair, a treatment which I found both painful and unsatisfactory.

Last May I happened to read an article in a local newspaper about a woman who was using a method to remove facial hair, a method which I was unfamiliar with. I was intrigued so I rang this person and made an appointment with her for a consultation.

Jane immediately put me at ease with her calm, reassuring manner and explained the procedure fully to me. I was absolutely amazed at how quick, pain –free and effective this new type of treatment was. I made the comment at the time that “it was the greatest thing since sliced bread”. I feel that I have discovered something quite unique in a treatment for the removal of facial hair, for which I am so very grateful. It has made such a difference to my life knowing that Jane is there for me when I need to be treated with her wonderful Organic Sugaring Treatment.

New Zealand can ill-afford to lose a person with Jane Lumb's skills."

R. Morgan, May 2004

"I first read about Jane Lumb in an article written in the Contact Newspaper which discussed a natural method of hair removal called sugaring which dated back to Egyptian times. I tore the article out and kept it on my desk at home thinking that at some stage I might make contact with Jane to discuss claims she made that sugaring reduced hair growth and that hair grew back softer and more slowly.

In recent years and after a life-saving hysterectomy I had noticed hair growing on my face becoming more obvious and although I continued to remind myself that I was lucky to be alive I was becoming more and more self-conscious of this growth as it became more obvious. I had tried electrolysis but as the hair became more evasive this did little and was hugely time-consuming, expensive and ultimately not making much difference. It was in desperation that I finally made contact with Jane and to be honest I didn’t believe her claims but felt I had to try everything as I was loosing my confidence and feeling uncomfortable in my day-to-day meetings with clients.

When I finally did meet Jane I took an instant liking to her kind and considerate attitude to my problem and more than willing to give the sugaring treatment a go. I have been more than happy with the results and it has had a huge impact on my life. I no longer shy sitting in light-flooded locations or avoid stopping to chat in the street with the sun shining on my face (I realize that this may seem trivial to others but it was something that consumed me). And if you ask Jane, she will tell you that I am more relaxed about the hair on my face which is becoming softer and less visible, she will tell you that I don’t grab the mirror from her after her treatments looking at my face for any hair she may have missed. And, something that has been an unexpected bonus the skin on my face is softer and more hydrated after the sugaring treatment.

Jane has made an enormous impact on my life and I support her and her skills not available in Wellington."

C. MacDonald

"Hi my name is Sandra Austin and I work in my own business as a Nail Technician. Due to the work I do I often suffer from neck and back problems (RSI, OSS). I find that going to Jan for massage therapy to help release those tired muscles a great help. Jan mixes a special blend of aromatherapy oils just for me to help release these tired over worked muscles with a gentle but firm massage technique that is both soothing and very beneficial. I have had other massages with different therapist which have left me feeling bruised and my sore afterwards. With Jane this does not happen. She has a way of doing a massage which relaxes you and those sore tired muscles soothed.

I also have sugaring done to removed facial hair, eyebrows and tip lip. This is a perfect and safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. Due to having very sensitive skin the sugaring technique is very gentle and effective. Unlike waxing which often burns my skin and leave it very tender and red for more than a day."

Sandra Austin

"After many years of chemical hair removal and waxing I was interested in an article given to me to read regarding Jane Lumb's beauty practice with her chemical free 'Sugaring' hair removal.

As a cancer sufferer I lost all my body hair from chemotherapy and when my hair grew back I experienced a thick fluffy growth around my cheeks and chin which I felt uneasy about. I was very concuss that this hair was so noticeable and I limited my outings. Not wanting to use
chemical based hair removal products I was very interested in the 'Sugaring' product
and made contact with Jane.

I have been attending Jane's practice for the last two years at her comfortable private home studio. One on one.

In the time I have known Jane I have found her a very approachable and caring person who is certainly extremely knowledgeable with the products she uses.

I suffer from very sensitive skin and find the 'Sugaring' leaves my skin free from any burning after affect.

Thanks Jane for making me feel like a friend and a million dollars after my visits."

Jennie Guinness

"I have used Jane's sugaring services for a number of years and have found her to be excellent. She has a professional but warm manner and takes an interest in her client's welfare. Further, I have very much appreciated that she has always been extremely willing to accommodate my often last-minute requests to coordinate an appointment with other business in the area. As to the sugaring itself, I have found it to be a great way to get rid of unwanted facial hair, gentle on the skin and not much more than a quick sting at most. She also has very reasonable prices and I have been most happy to retain her services, even when it meant travelling out from Wellington City."

Sue Ewart

"I have been seeing Jane Lumb for beauty treatments for 7 years.
A local woman recommended me and told me about the sugaring
process that Jane uses. I have since recommended family
and friends to her.

Personally, I like the warm and relaxed atmosphere at Jane’s salon. Jane herself always put me at ease and offers me gentle words of advice and talks me through treatment options. Her positive nature and knowledge has been a huge plus while I have had breast cancer this past year.

I am pleased to go locally to such a highly trained therapist and to get great results at reasonable prices.

Jane’s sugaring treatments are far better for me than waxing and far less painful.

Some years ago I said to Jane that I would like a facial, but couldn’t really justify the money. Jane told me about her relaxing facial that was at a really affordable price. These facials did wonders for me in times of stress. They have extra health benefits, one outstanding one for me, is the clearing of my sinuses.

Another plus is Jane’s gift vouchers they make a wonderful gift for my family and friends who are always so pleased to receive them.

Jane’s knowledge, cheerful nature, humour and great treatments make going to her salon a wonderful experience. I can highly recommend Jane."